CFS Trigger Figures

The CFS Trigger figures for 2015 remain the same as the 2014 figures. These will be updated later in the year when the new figures have been published.

Updated 05/05/2015

Custom Module

You can now have AdvicePro your way. Released late last year AdvicePro Custom allows you to customise the application so that users only see the information they need. Remove unwanted fields and values, add new ones, add or remove tabs - basically have AdvicePro the way you want it. Contact the helpdesk for more information.

Updated 02/04/2014

Contacting Helpdesk

Did you know that most issues can be solved swiftly by calling the helpdesk? If you're having a problem with the application it's easier to call than email. There's no call queuing, you get straight through to Stephen or Ali who'll advise you on the solution or a workaround. Our number: 0845 121 4119.

Updated 7/8/2012

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